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In some ways, Stay-At-Home Mamas and Mamas who work outside the home have it easy. They know who they are at any given moment. There is a clear separation between work time and family time. There are clear boundaries.

Being a Mamapreneur is like straddling an imaginary line...always trying to find some sort of balance before you fall flat on your face.

Boundaries are blurred and schedules don’t exist.

Business is accomplished in small bursts early in the morning before the kids wake up, during nap time and at night after they’ve gone to bed. Parenting is done 24/7 regardless of meetings, deadlines and plans.

And because of this dynamic, guilt takes hold.

“I’m supposed to be finishing a blog post and instead I’m sitting here playing Legos. What’s wrong with me?”

“This is my scheduled connection time with my family but all I can think about is my IG Live tomorrow. Why can’t I stay present?”

“I feel so overwhelmed. All I do is yell at my kids, my house hasn’t been cleaned in weeks and my business is falling by the wayside. I am failing at everything.”

I see you Mama. I. Was. You.

But when I invested in myself, everything changed.

  • I hired a Business Coach to help me create systems and get organized

  • I hired a Health Coach to help me prioritize nutrition and self-care

  • I joined a network of fellow Parenting Coaches to bounce ideas off of

  • and I created a community of Mamapreneur friends (AKA The Ripple Effect Community) to help me grow and push past my comfort zones

Mama, when you’re ready to invest in yourself and create YOUR circle of support,

I would be honored to be a part of it.

Woman sitting on the beach looking at the camera with the ocean behind her.

Hi! I'm Lynn

I'm a Parenting Coach that helps Solopreneurs who are juggling business and babies feel successful and balanced by getting mental clarity, eliminating the overwhelm, setting boundaries and truly connecting with their amazing kids.

It's nice to meet you.

Mama, what do you need right now?

"I am building my circle and need some Mamapreneur friends!"

"I'm not sure what I need, but something has to change."

"I'm stuck in survival mode, all I do is yell and I need a Coach."