Welcome Mama!

My name is Lynn Turcotte-Schuh

But my clients call me "The Toddler Trainer"

That's because I use my 10+ years of experience as a Marine Mamal Trainer to help parents better understand their little one's behaviors so they can spend less time yelling and more time connecting.

If you will indulge me for a moment, close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to:

~get out the door without nagging or arguing~

~go grocery shopping without dealing with a meltdown~

~have a sing-along instead of listening to screaming fit in the car~

~get through the bedtime routine without a fight~

~end the day feeling excited and proud of the connection you have with your child~

That's what I do for the Mamas I work with...coach them to achieve all of this and more!

In addition to being the "Toddler Trainer", I'm also the CEM (Chief Executive Mama) & CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator at Happy Mama Wellness as well as the founder of the Happy Mama Hapu where we are bringing back the village of support that every Mama needs. 

This is my family.

My "WHY". The reason I left my career as a Marine Mammal Trainer and started Happy Mama Wellness.

This little ball of energy (aka, my daughter) keeps me on my toes, brings sunshine to every day and has taught me more about the person I want to be when I grow up than anything else in my life.

In my personal life, I love being outdoors, going on family adventures, hanging out on our wannabe homestead, game night, crochet, gardening and 90's Hip Hop. I am a huge Will Evans fan and I dance in my kitchen every day!

My Parenting Philosophy

Combining facets of Positive Parenting, Consious Parenting, Connected Parenting and Operant Conditioning I coach overhwelmed Mamas to better understand their child's behavior so they can spend less time yelling and more time connecting. Because, let's face it, you're busy and time is precious. I want to make sure the time you spend with your little one is QUALITY time!

My philosophy is based on the tenets of:

  • Understanding the unique developmental stage your little one is in and meeting them where they're at
  • Teaching versus disciplining
  • Mutual respect and a connected relationship
  • The family unit working as a team
  • Allowing children to make decisions for themselves within boundaries that YOU set
  • Responding intentionally rather than reacting emotionally
  • Modeling desired behaviors
  • Communicating effectively, with a non-verbal child
  • Kindness, compassion, empathy and patience

Now that you know a little about me, I'd love to know about you!

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My Core Values

A Letter From Miss Nicole

"I can't say enough about how fantastic Lynn is - we learned SO much in her childbirth class. I ended up having a fairly difficult labor and delivery. Having information on what was happening and how to stay calm and manage pain was absolutely essential to both my husband and myself. We were able to go into it feeling not only completely prepared but also cared for. 

As far as her parenting support, I could not recommend anyone more. I absolutely love being part of the Happy Mama Wellness community and have learned so much from Lynn on my parenting journey. The tools she has given me to help me stay calm and understand the way my child learns and functions has truly changed the way that I parent. She is always accessible and willing to answer questions and I love that there are weekly checkins to help work through challenges.

The things that we have learned from Lynn have helped our household become a much more peaceful place. " 

Happy Mama Wellness is rooted in its mission to build a community of strong, nurturing Mamas who raise strong, compassionate children. 

Together, we master calm and connection. We learn to parent with intention and integrity. We model gratitude and we give back to the world at large...teaching our children to do the same.

Our "Mama-it-Forward, Pay-it-Back" campaign ensures that we support each other on our journey without judgement or shame while at the same time honoring the people who inspired us along the way.

At Happy Mama Wellness, we Pay-it-Back by donating 10% of all REVENUE to non-profit organizations. Check out our current recipient: Yellow Horse Equine Therapy

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Lynn has been feautured by the following podcasters and bloggers...check out these great free resources and connect with some of Lynn's favorite Mamapreneurs

How to Use a Parenting Framework to be a Calm Mom

Parenting can be hard. Especially if you have a spirited or strong will child. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. On this episode of the Real Happy Mom Podcast, I am talking to Lynn from Happy Mama Wellness about a parenting style that will help you parent in a more calm and happy state.

You've Got Choices for Your Hospital Birth Experiences

Today we are talking about the choices you have during your hospital childbirth experience, and how to make fully informed decisions when it comes to your labor and delivery. My guest speaker today is Lynn Turcotte-Schuh she is a CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator and a Parenting Coach, and also the Chief Executive Mama at Happy Mama Wellness where she helps Mamas master calm and connection with their littles. 

Breakthrough Your Parenting Challenges to Create a Healthy Nurturing Family Dynamic

Hally Paulson of Playful Fitness - Episode 2 of the Alive. Confident. Free. Interview series. (P.S. We have NO idea why you can just see me so we've dubbed this a new style of 1/2 video 1/2 podcast. The gold is still incredible, so throw in some headphones and enjoy!)

All things Birth: Interview with childbirth educator on vaginal tearing, labor relaxation & more

Many women have questions about pregnancy and birth, childbirth methods, and some level of fear about labor and perineal tearing. In this interview with childbirth educator, Lynn Turcotte-Schuh, CCCE, CLC, you'll get information on how to prevent vaginal tearing, relaxing during labor, reducing fear associated with birth, childbirth methods, and more. Perfect for any pregnant mom during her first, second, or third trimester of pregnancy.

Why It’s Important For You To Attend A Childbirth Class And How It Prepares You For Your Parenting Journey

Most Americans spend more time researching a new car than they spend researching and preparing for the birth of their baby. Figuring out which course is right for you and your family can be overwhelming…and many people choose to just live in ignorant bliss. In fact, the large majority of first time parents never take any sort of class. Please note, however, that this is one of those cases where just because most people do it this way, it does not mean it’s the best way. Let’s cover some of the AMAZING benefits of taking a childbirth class as well as what to look for in a good class.

Three Things Every New Breastfeeding Mama Should Know

I am a big advocate for breastfeeding. Not because I judge those who don’t, but because I know that those who do need a lot of support. If you choose not to breastfeed (or can’t breastfeed) I am happy to be first in line to help you correctly prepare formula. However, if you choose to breastfeed let me be the first in line to encourage you, support you and help keep you on track. Here are three very important things you need to know about breastfeeding.

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“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers — strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”~Barbara Katz Rothman~

A comprehensive course included in all membership levels of the Happy Mama Hapu that covers:

  • Pregnancy
  • Stages of Labor
  • Common Interventions
  • Birth Plan Options
  • Hands-On Practice of Relaxation Techniques and Comfort Measures
  • "For the Coach" Module
  • Caring for Your Newborn
  • The Fourth Trimester For Mom
  • Breastfeeding
  • Plus Bonus Interviews

“Motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else's happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you're not sure what the right thing is...”~Donna Ball~

When you try to do "all the things" you end up in survival mode.

Overhwelmed, Exhausted, Patience Tank On Empty

Through our membership site, courses & private coaching, you will lose the overwhelm, get your family working as a team & enjoy your interactions with your kids.

I See You, Mama

I see you putting in 110% every minute of every day trying to juggle your kids, your partner, your home, your finances, your work...and putting yourself last on the list...WAY DOWN at the bottom in fact.

I see you struggling to find patience in the midst of frustration and overwhelm. I see you doing your best but feeling like you're still coming up short...every day...in every way.

I see your mind racing as soon as your little one falls asleep, trying to get things done as quickly as possible before they wake up. Or taking a nap with them, then feeling guilty that you've "wasted" precious time in your day.

I know what you need...

  • Time. QUALITY time - with your kids and your partner. Time to enjoy your family and make lasting memories. After all the, the days are long but the years are so very short.
  • Teamwork. An environment where everyone pitches in to share the responsibilities of running a household so it's not all falling on your shoulders.
  • Yourself. Guilt-free, quality moments throughout your day to reset, re-energize and re-engage with life. To feel more than a cook, housekeeper, chauffeur and referee. To feel valued and important.
  • A Plan. A fool-proof, works every time plan to help you feel good about how you are moving through your day, the quality of the work you are getting done and the behaviors and habits you are modeling to your children.

I have the answers, the tools, and the strategies to help you accomplish all this and more.

A comprehensive parenting course included in the Premium Membership level of the Happy Mama Hapu that covers:

  • How We All Learn
  • Looking Behind the Behavior
  • Meeting Your Child's Needs
  • The When and How of Changing Behaviors
  • Increasing Desired Behaviors
  • Decreasing Undesired Behaviors
  • Working as a Team
  • Consisteny As Your Biggest Ally
  • Tools to Prevent Tantrums

Private Coaching

Sometimes group coaching isn't enough. You may feel intimidated to share your struggles or you may feel like you need more personal accountability to keep you on track as you make changes. That's where Private Coaching comes in.

When you enter a Private Coaching program with me, you get:

  • Free Membership in the Happy Mama Hapu for the duration of your package
  • My full investment in your personal transformation
  • Access to me through the Happy Mama Hapu chat feature (answered during business hours 10:00-15:00 EST, M-F)
  • One 60-minute private call with me each week
  • Customized feedback on all actions and plans
  • Personal accountability for making changes in your parenting strategies
  • Individualized problem solving for your family's struggles
  • Peer support and inspiration from your fellow community members in the Happy Mama Hapu

Energy shifts happen quickly, but real and lasting transformation takes time, accountability and mentorship

If you are looking to make REAL changes, lasting TRANSFORMATIONS in how you think about and approach parenting, you need to take the time and put in the work.

I have created two packages for Private Coaching. Payment plans are available for both but you will receive a 20% discount if you pay in full. After you have completed your payment, you will be redirected to my scheduling page to reserve your call time each week. If you do not get redirected or have any general questions, please contact me.

Choose a Package Below to Get Started

Three-Month Package

Three monthly payments of $597

One-Time payment of $1497 (20% discount)

Six-Month Package

Six monthly payments of $597

One-Time payment of $2997 (20% discount)



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