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Calling all At-Home Mamas!

Do you know research has shown that being a Mama is the equivalent of holding down 2.5 full-time jobs (98 hours per week). No wonder why we're so exhausted at the end of the day!

If you are trying to run a household, run a business AND raise the next generation to be compassionate, kind and empathetic human've found your tribe and we can't wait to connect!

Let's Talk Motherhood

Motherhood is hard on the best days. Some days it's all you can do to keep your kids fed and safe. The Happy Mama Hapu connects Moms across the country with the goal of supporting each other in learning the easiest, most effective ways to parent without yelling, nagging or disciplining.

In this online community, we share experiences, set goals, provide a listening ear, celebrate wins and hold each other up through struggles. Together, we learn, grow and achieve. We become truly present with our children and build the foundation for a calm and connected family dynamic.

When you join us, you get honest and open conversations about the ups and downs of motherhood as well as tools and strategies to achieve your parenting goals WITHOUT judgement and Mommy Wars.

Collaborative Learning

The Happy Mama Hapu is a community where you bring the experience and I bring the expertise. Our goal is to learn and grow together.

We hold open office hours, community coaching calls and virtual events to encourage sharing and learning.

Authentic Connection

The Happy Mama Hapu is a safe, judgement-free & private space, just for Moms, online. 

With the in-network chat feature, you can make real, authentic connections with other Mamas just like you!

Actionable Skills

From content to coaching calls and courses, you have all the information and skills you need right at your fingertips.

Join the conversations, share your journey and build your tool box to become a Present Parent!

You Belong Here Mama!

Our membership is a mix of Working Moms, SAHM Moms and WAHM Moms. Moms who like to cook and Moms who order out. Single Moms. Married Moms. Moms with one child and Moms with a whole sports team.

Some of our members are just starting out and others are veterans. We have Moms in their 20s, 30s and 40s whose experiences defy the age difference. o

This divsersity is the hallmark of our community...because what binds us all together is MOTHERHOOD...and you belong here.

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Your Member Benefits 

  • Immediate access to our collaborative learning community so you can share experiences and benefit from others
  • Quick tips and simple, actionable tools to help you better understand your child and their behavior so you can respond with intention rather than react with emotion
  • Open Office Hours community coaching calls with Lynn Turcotte-Schuh every week for LIVE learning and Q&A sessions (recorded for those who cannot attend live)
  • Tailored Groups to help you intentionally connect with other members on a deeper level
  • Quarterly, member-hosted book club for the avid readers in our community
  • Free Mini-Courses to help you shift your parenting mindset, make lasting changes in your daily habits and achieve your personal goals
  • Personalized support and guidance from the Happy Mama Wellness team...because you're not just a random're an important member of our community
  • Safe, simple chat tool to have private conversations with other members
  • Monthly themes with daily posts, questions and prompts to help guide your growth

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